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Genentech MCCO Awards Show (English - Old Time Hollywood)

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This was for the intro video to a \"Night Among the Stars\"-style company awards banquet. While the copy was rife with in-jokes and dry references to the structure of the company, the creative director and I were able to liven it up with winks and nods to the classic Old Hollywood style.

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the march of time. Dateline las Vegas Nevada fans thronged outside the MGM grand to get a glimpse of some of the best and brightest in the industry. Genentech's McCoo team. So many famous faces are veritable, who's who of the high life, why there's mike mccue looking dashing as always what his secret. Here comes that strong drink of water and the man of action. Mr James Riley. There's the highly acclaimed claire scott beaming after another great day on D. N. A way. Hi there, Claire. Ah yes, everyone's favorite leading man in tonight's master of ceremonies. Mark Watrous howdy boss and don't look Now. Here comes some classic McCoo jargon. There's bam and frm lookout for Spock and OMG it's R G M A S P and a C M and don't miss cho M cam wack and more good golly. What a scene. Tonight's golden gilded gala marks the end of an era and my oh my what an error. It's been a heartfelt cavalcade of compassionate commitment and access building brilliance. Get this Through access solutions. We've bettered the lives of over two million patients. What a legacy and our history of first is as dazzling as the las Vegas strip itself. Who can forget the Roche acquisition and McCoo governance. Starting soon thereafter. I know I won't forget how about this one. The bio oncology account manager has become the frm team in 2005 and spark becomes access solutions. Three years later, Another first the rise of the 340 B team in 2012. That's really swell. Everyone's favorite customer centric city. I'm talking about the founding of the RGM team in 2011. The Kaiser team in 2013 poems in 2009 that evolved into the Cam team in 2014. Ha ha ha ha! Teamwork makes the dream work and the first just keep on coming to help patients get the right product at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. Yowza, this is serious business folks. And with all due modesty, our McCoo team deserves some serious recognition and a little fun. Even for just one night, the decades of passion, commitment and patient access culminates tonight, recognizing the outstanding work and timeless success of MCC Oh more stars than there are in heaven! So straighten that tie, check your smile and silence those phones and get ready to raise a toast to celebrate your colleagues, friends, and family. It might be the end of an error, but it's the start of something big. Welcome to the 2020 N. F. M M C C O Awards gala.