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20 Something and Thriving

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Hello, It's your girl josie. I'm so excited to be back. I have missed this. I have such good things coming and I'm excited. You all are here to be a part of this journey. Welcome. Um, I guess I'll start with, you know, the very long absence that I had. Um, so breanna and I had decided that it just wasn't working timing wise with having a podcast. We really struggled with finding time to podcast together and so we decided it was best for us to stop podcasting. I was okay with that joint decision. I had a lot going on in my life and it just is what it was. Um Brain and I are still very good friends. This didn't affect our, our friendship at all. We definitely, you know, just didn't have the time living in different states to dedicate to this podcast like we both would have liked. So then, you know, took some time have life. Um, but I kept thinking about 20 something and thriving and what we had wanted it to be and what it ended up and I wanted to give it another shot. Um so after lots of thinking about that, um I asked breanna if she would be okay with me launching this again by myself as just josie. And she said she was, so then I went back to the drawing board um without a co host. How do I as myself, you know, keep this podcast going and have, have things to talk about and how am I important enough, I guess, to have a podcast. These were all things that I struggled with eternally. So it took some time. But here I am, I I still have the same overall vision for this podcast. I want it to be a community and a safe space and I want to give um good information and help people feel connected and while they navigate their twentysomethings, but without the resources, it was hard to come up with how to do that by myself, right? Um but here I am making it happen, trying it. So what I've decided is that this is going to be a little bit of my diary, um you know, weekly diary of what's happening in my life, because when I was looking at the whole picture, right, I I really wanted to try and find my niche, you know, that That part of the podcasting world or whatever to get into, but I didn't have that, and I realized that that's kind of the big picture, right? We're all in our 20's trying to find our our niche in the world, so to speak, right, what what it is that we want out of, you know, whether it's life or A relationship or friendships or a job, I feel like the defining thing in your 20s is that we're all still figuring this out together. And so rather than focusing on A niche topic, I want to focus on finding those niches in your life. Um, so if this is something that you're struggling with it, if you relate, please keep listening and sure your stories with me, because that's that's what I'm going to be all about. So, welcome to 20 something I'm driving. As I said, I want this to be more of a weekly diary for me of my life. So, as I say that I do, you know, I want to be as real as possible, and I want to vent about things that I'm struggling with in that I might hurt some feelings. So if you're a good friend of mine and you're listening and you're like, what do you mean by that? Right, We might have a tiff and I might vent about it, or there might be something you did that ****** me off, that I didn't tell you **** me off because it was minor, but I might share it on here just to get it off my chest. Um And in doing that, I don't want to create drama or you know, make anyone feel bad. I also won't use anyone's names. Um But it's just to share the real nous that feelings are okay and it's okay to be hurt or you know, thrown off by little minor things and I don't want to sit here and and talk trash about anyone. I just want to share my own experiences to help others through. There's so yeah, I just want to pre face that that's my one and only pre face on it if there is an issue that arises and you feel like it's about you because I won't use real names of my friends. I don't think then you know, come to me and we can we can work it out and we can talk about it and be real and honest because real and honest conversations are super important. So yeah, that's my spiel on that and I will start that. Uh Yeah, so my life lately there's been a lot going on. Let's start with. So I applied and got into grad school. Yeah go me. Um and then I had to postpone first semester. So I was super happy And then you know, reality hit and took a look at bank accounts and things going on in my life. And I realized that it just was not feasible. There was also something that happened at my husband's job um which put him out of work at the same time that I started, right? So he out of work on friday and I started classes monday and the withdrawal date was Wednesday. So I am currently not in grad school, like I thought I'd be um but I did, I was able to get approved to withdraw just for this semester so I can start in the fall, which I'm super pumped about. It was a bummer. It sucked in the moment that I had to do it, but we're all just do um we got to do to survive, right? And unfortunately, you know, this was the best decision for me. So if you are ever in that same position, don't use it as an excuse. Um use that setback to push yourself forward and re evaluate, right? I'm going to see what I can do to earn some extra money this summer, whether it's babysitting or I might do like the online teaching english kids, right? Those kind of things. I'm going to make it up somewhere. So that's, that's my goal in my life, my friends. It's been a little bit, a little shaky. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not like super, don't have a super tight knit group moving all the time. Makes it hard to maintain and keep friendships it. I'm not always the best up reaching out to other people. Even if I'm not, I still love you. Uh it's just hard. Life gets busy and even when I'm not busy, I just want to lay on the couch in my pajamas and drink someone and eat some ice cream because that's, you know what I do to cope with life? Probably not the healthiest, but that is a okay. Yeah. So friendships can be hard at a distance and I do my best, but it's not always 110% and that's okay. I will forgive myself for that. I also have some friends at work and there's been some drama there.