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ELearning Fun Conversational Millennial

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This eLearning demo showcases conversational and relaxed styles, more professional and formal styles, narration for children regarding bullying, and medical narration.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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what you thought. Coming toe work at Netflix men. A screening room and free popcorn for life. Yeah, OK, we've got those. But first you need to get through this orientation. So turn off your phone and your tablet. And who stops streaming Rick and Morty for, like, three seconds. Yeah, thanks. Ok. Are you ready? Press forward to continue IBM security protocols module to personal devices. And this module we will discuss. Bring your own device or B y o d. Policies at IBM data permitted on B y o d devices data not permitted on B Y o d devices. Permissions granted toe IBM by users of B Y o D devices. Click next to move to the next slide. Jim doesn't like spiders. Billy knows that Jill doesn't like spiders, but he put one in her lunchbox anyway. He wanted to make Jill scream. This was mean and is what we call bullying. What should you'll dio? Hey, Mitch, You wanted to see me? Is this about the thing with the Stratton account? It seems like you know why you're here. Greg. What happened? Well, they're tech guys were just impossible. The level of redundancy they wanted didn't make any sense. It was killing my team. Tom Angeline were threatening to quit, so I talked to their team lead. But you know that communication at the executive level needs to go through channels. Why did you go around my back? I'm sorry, Mitch, I shouldn't have. Is there any way we can keep this between us at the row? Sclerosis is a major cause of ischemic stroke that could be effectively prevented with appropriate lifestyle modifications and control of cardiovascular risk factors. Medical advances in recent years, along with aggressive cardiovascular risk factor modifications, have resulted in decreased recurrence rates of after a sclerotic stroke. Non Staten lipid lowering molecules have recently shown clinical benefit and are recommended for very high risk patients to reduce the risk of stroke.