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Demo reel containing a variety of reads.

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Voice Over • Audiobooks


This demo contains multiple types of content from narrations of story books to ads to regular roles to play out.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US General American (GenAm)


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surfs up. Watch our series chronicling the journey of three men searching for the biggest waves in the world through candid interviews with their families and friends? We get inside the heads of extreme surfers embarking on a rush of a lifetime surf's up tonight on extreme summer Sports network. Once upon a time in a magical kingdom surrounded by a vast valley. There lived a young Squire who dreamed of becoming a knight every day. The Squire carried out his daily duties patiently awaiting the day he could prove his worth and pass into knighthood. Once upon a time, the king's youngest son became filled with the desire to go abroad and see the world. He got his father's permission to leave on an adventure, kissed his parents goodbye, mounted his blackhorse and galloped away down the high road. Soon the gray towers of the old castle in which he had been born, disappeared behind him. You're listening to jimmy radio, your golden oldies station, playing your favorite tunes from the fifties to sit to the seventies, listen to all your favorite oldies tunes and transport yourself back to a simpler time with jimmy. We've got good music, good hosts and of course good listeners. So keep listening all day long and let the good times roll with jimmy. What do your mornings look like? What do they sound like? The mash up is a voice activated blender that lists off smoothie ingredients so you can kick start your day with a nutritious burst of flavor when you're ready. Just ask it to mash up now, What are your mornings taste like? Good morning Rutland City. What do you have in store for me today? It's an adventure. Is it MS johnson's famous tuna sandwich or even better tuna sandwiches? Ah, hello there. Is it tom? Who dares enter my den? I warn you I'm the greatest and fastest cat in the city. You just have to fill up and throw the cash. No one will notice me. Shoot! What am I doing? This is stupid! I gotta go back.