I speak English, Swahili and Spanish. I can sing ,act and write too.

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This sample is from the book Emily of new moon .I love reading allot and I've practiced accents my whole life .I always wanted to be a voice actor my whole life and I've grown fond of reading and writing my own scripts and animated scripts.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General)


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Yeah. Emily of New Moon By L. M. Montgomery Chapter one Emily and her father I wouldn't stay another night in that lonely house said Ellen Green if I wasn't so sorry for the child. The child, however, was never lonely. Emily Birds star had all the company she wanted, father and bike and sources are not to mention the wind woman and her special trees. And there was the flash when Emily felt always right in her world, she never knew When the flashlight comes. Emily had slipped away in the chilly made twilight for a walk. She remembered that walk all her life partly because the flash came from the first time in weeks, but mostly because of what happened after she came back. Father had lain quietly all day on the couch. He didn't even look at the two big spruce trees in front of the ad. Emily had named them Adam and Eve because they stood so stiffly, one on each side of this quite little April tree, looking just like the picture of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge in one of Alan brings books. Emily, where she had someone to talk to but she never bothered father when his cough was bad. Ellen Greene had hardly said a word since the doctor's visit last night, but Ellen was never good company. Emily had spent the afternoon cold up in the ragged or wind chair, reading her favourite book. Douglas Starr didn't want any supper. You culminate, he told Emily Ally here rest afterwards, we'll have a real talk. Often he smiled his all beautiful, loving smile, and Emily ate his supper happening. Although the bread was soggy and her egg was almost row. For once, Ellen allowed her to have a cut beside her and only granted when Emily fed them bits of bread. Mike was her favourite, soft and fat and fluffy, with huge old guys. Sources style was a fighter and to think to cattle. Emily worried because sources all didn't have kittens, but she loved them both. By the time supper was over, her father had fallen asleep. Emily was glad because he had not slept much for two nets. She was also sorry because they would not have their special talk, but she could go for a walk for the first time in months. She had had to stay inside all winter because of the snow and all through April because of the wind and the rain, put on your hood and scoot back every such terrain, warned Ellen. You can't fool with a cold the way some kids can. Why not ask Emily? It's not fair, but and then only granted, Emily ran upstairs to get her old blue hood. She pulled it over her long, heavy braid of jet black hair and smiled at herself in the mirror. The smile began at the corners of her lips and spread over her face. It was her mother's smile, and her father loved it dearly. In every other way, Emily looked like the stars, her father's family in her large, purplish grey eyes, with their long lashes in black, rose in her high white forehead, oval face and sensitive mouth and in her little pointed elf. Yes, I'm going for a walk with the wind woman, said Emily, smiling at her reflection. She's an old friend of mine. They're not quite as old as we are. Little Emily in the glass. I wish you could come to Emily, blew a kiss to Emily in the mirror and run downstairs, the wind woman was waiting outside, teasing the rooster pine behind the house. It did look like a rooster with an enormous sponsored team in the huge ridiculous here thrown back to crow, Emily felt like a prisoner let out of jail as she skimmed over the bare floor to what the little clams of spruces. She was small and pale, shivering in her thin jacket. Nobody looking at her would have ever envious. Yes, a queen might have traded her crown for Emily's Fishing's The MOOC half dead spruce tree was a marble column in a magic place. The hills world, the walls around an enchanted city, elves of white clover and the little grand fork of the grass kept her company. Emily played hide and seek with the wind woman around the trees. Then suddenly the wind was gone, and the evening was based in silence. Cloud patted to snow pill, pinky green, lake of sky and a silver, the new moon. Emily stood and looked up. The sky was so beautifully hurt. Soon she would go home and describe the scene in a special yellow book. Later, she would read what she had written to her father. Then came the flash. It was as if a fluttered the cutting between some unseen, wondrous world in herself, and she caught a glimpse of it. Or had it not have heavenly music? The flash came really and went quickly, always leaving her breakfast with joy. It never came twice because of the same thing. Tonight in the dark branches against the far off sky had brought it other times it had come with a wild knots of wind in the night with a grey bride lightning on a window sill in a storm or with the nightmare claims of the kitchen fire. Yeah, yeah, yeah.