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good news. You have an agent, not a talent agent. I'm talking about a guy Cho agent. You need some personal one on one service and you want to save money on car insurance. You have an agent. Your area. Bring your vision of the future toe life. For more than 150 years, Pacific Life has been helping families achieve life long financial security with innovative tools and strategies. Talk to a financial advisor to protect your family. Today, wireless ads are full of fake prices. Everywhere you look, there's a big fat fate price walk into a wireless store and chances are you have to sign a two year contract before you could even find out the real price of the service you want to buy, not a MetroPCS here. What you see is what you pay. Put this in the hands of a child and there'll be no room for gun, a needle or a night. It's only a piece of paper. But that little membership card has helped keep millions of kids off drugs out of gangs and in school was a great friend. If Bob were here, he wouldn't want us to grieve but rather celebrate his life like a touchdown during the jet ski at Buffalo Wild Wings. When I look at all of you, I'm comforted to see so many friendly faces like I do it Buffalo Wild Wings with those big string TVs, all my buddies, chest bumping. And what's wrong with me? I'm overwrought with grief. Yes, nervous grief. Because I will miss the game. I mean, Bill. All right, Bob.