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Chapter Two. The Death of Me present day The sound of howling wolves in the distance, combined with a burning sensation that rushed throughout my body, broke my slumber, disoriented and confused. I abruptly sat in bed and took in a large gulp of air like a fish out of water. When the spinning sensation in my head settled, I found myself tucked in the safety of my bed. Just a dream. I assured myself with hope, acknowledging it made it real. The glowing, bright green numbers of the alarm clock drew my focus. 12 17 Am! I said aloud to the empty room, parched with thirst. I reached for the glass of water from the nightstand and sipped the refreshing nectar that quickly quenched my dry mouth. Upon returning the empty glass to the nightstand, I flung my body back and my head hit the pillow hard. This is going to be a long day! I silently yet pathetically professed to the ceiling. God! The pillow seemed low and the bed hot and lumpy, rolling and tossing like a deranged maniac, I kicked the bedding for my sweaty body and repeatedly punched the goose down pillows to submission, the fight to find that sweet spot of comfort depleting my energy. Finally, after additional work