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On audiobooks, I can also audiobooks in south Sotho and Setswana

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I can contribute towards reading, video explaining. Especially reading novels and articles.

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Young Adult (18-35)


South African (General)


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join us. It's a young boy. He lives a very safe life with a lot of order and rules. They are minerals and everyone follows them. Their citizens lives are planned for them. A. They do not often make decision by themselves. They try not to say anything different. One rule is that you must never say anything that will make another person uncomfortable. Every husband and wife is matched by a special committee. Each family has two Children, 1.1 girl, Ren China's and the rest of his group became the 12th in December. They get special jobs because Genesis, Modern Respected, is given an extra special job. His new job is to become the receiver of memories. The receiver of Memories is the only person in the group. You can see all the memories in the past. He must keep this memories secret until he train another person to take his place. This job is really difficult. This person knows things that others do not, and that they also have to deal with all the sadness from the past.