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Short speech on Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology-A new revolution
what is nanotechnology? Importance and scope of nanotechnology

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Let's listen toe nanotechnology. A new revolution Nano technology is a branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerance is off less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation ofthe individual atoms and molecules. Nanoscience and nanotechnology at the study and application off extremely small things and can be used across other science with such a scare mystery biology, physics, material sciences and engineering. Nano materials include engineered nano objects such as nano particles, nanotubes and nano plates, and naturally occuring nanoparticles such as volcanic ash, sea spray and smoke. Nanoparticles are bits off materia in vision. All three dimensions off the object are within the nano scale. Nana jobs have a diameter in the nano scale, but can be several hundreds off narrow, metres low or even tow long. Now, please have a sickness at the nano scale, but there are other two dimensions can be quite large nanoscale materials. Happy news for all. A 1,000,000 yen Nana scare goal was used in stained glass in mediaeval Europe, and the nanotubes were founding blades off towards made in Damascus. The era ofthe modern nanotechnology began with the invention ofthe scanning tunnelling microscope that could see individual Adams