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COVID-19 Prevention- Explainer- Medical, Straightforward- Kate Marcin

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infection prevention. What you need to know about Cove it 19. The purpose of this course is to help you prevent the spread of infections such as the coronavirus or cove it. 19. This video will share information on Cove it 19 How it is spread steps you can take to keep the virus from infecting those in your home and how to best keep the virus from spreading. If someone in your household does get sick after taking this course, you should be able Thio. Identify the chain of infection. Define Cove it 19 List symptoms of covert 19. Determine how covert 19 spreads from person to person. Review ways. You can stop the spread of covert 19 review ways you can best care for yourself and a loved one who has covert 19 list ways. You can encourage exercise activities and engagement while staying home.