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Renegade Beauty- Audiobooks- Nonfiction Self Help- Kate Marcin

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the current culture of beauty is industrialized flaws, air highlighted and criticized While supermodels cheekbones get mythologized, the fantasy of female is advertised, leading our thoughts to compare and analyze in the pursuit of beauty. We have sprayed on the obsessions, filled our mind with flawless Photoshop impressions and laid bare our skin to serious synthetic aggressions. We have Botox star expressions, shared sisterly confessions and endured serious surgical sessions. We dress on occasion with duress and fear to digress from beauty regimes appointed by glossy magazines. We have plucked Pol um arised plasticized plumped with fillers, preened with Listerine perfumed with poison, peeled with chemicals and preserved with parabens. We have poured on, picked upon and thought we were wrong. So we over stripped over, squeezed and tried to appease the skin. We're in dizzying arrays of industrial tricks advertise assurances of self esteem applied with acne bleaching cream. We attempt to scrub clean with dangerous daily routine. Ches deodorant wipes puffs of powder, foaming cleansers and creams to glorify someone else's scheme of being poor, lis and pristine. Meanwhile, the majority of modern cosmetics cause our skin cells to atrophy, shrivel and shrink, leading us to think we need to do mawr and Mawr as bottles, a mass around our bathroom sink. Our present day perception of beauty is parched. The focus is on the external. This vanity of the veneer has created an intense atmosphere that interferes with our body's innate intelligence. Through the haze of this critical gaze, we chase unrealistic perfection and prop up these excessive ideals, even though we know the standards are unreal. And, boy, have we been buying into it at $244 billion a year globally, devouring the fantasy the allure of the perfect contour. Creating covergirl, complexions, lambasting and land comb lotions, dousing ourselves with the fumes of Shalimar Opium and envy perfumes fresco in our face with perilous paint and attempting to keep up with the Kardashians. Surgical fashions Over the last 20 years, thousands of women have come to me with their beauty questions. These women are distraught with dilemmas, and the nature of their questions is complex. Beauty has led us astray into dangerous terrain. It is time to declare a permanent fast from this pressing paradigm and reconsider the cultural creeds that cause us harm. It is time for a renegade vision of beauty. Renegade beauty is not about skincare regimes, and it is not about 12 step programs for washing your face. It arouses a new set of questions. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or are we beholden to live in a state of comparison to the chem era, Airbrushed images of plasticine like skin Is beauty, flawless skin or feeling from within? Is it emerging inner glow or something we don't know?