Healthcare and Business Demo Reel

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Used sample scripts from to make this demo reel. This reel focuses more so on a professional, business type voice. Characteristics would include witty, yet bold; informative yet down to earth.

Vocal Characteristics



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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Do you have all the late night infomercials memorized but not because you're obsessed with acting now to double your order, but because you just haven't fallen asleep yet. Put your insomnia to bed with nocturnal rest, all natural sleep aid. These kids are the pickiest eaters. I'm worried my little ones aren't getting the vitamins in their diet that they need. I sometimes get away with hiding the occasional carrot in a casserole that they'll actually eat. But that doesn't happen often enough. My doctor recommended Vita Fund Children's vitamins, they're gummy and delicious and my kids just love them now they get a snack and I get the reassurance that they're full of vitamins they need now if only adult vitamins were this delicious.