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I explain how to sanitize an ice machine. This information is provided to restaurant owners.

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ice makers are found in almost every restaurant and cafe. Keeping them clean and sanitary is a necessity without regular sanitation and maintenance. Ice makers quickly become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and biofilm, a slime that harbors bacteria and many other forms of undesirable contamination. The low temperature by itself is insufficient to eliminate these and other water or airborne issues. Anything contaminating the ice gets passed along to whoever consumes it. The opti pure sanitize ice treatment system significantly reduces contaminants from both the water and the ice basin, with the power of ozone, a safe, natural and efficient oxidizer. Here's how it works. The system takes in air from its surroundings and passes it through a corona discharge reaction chamber, a powerful, safe continuous electrical current that breaks apart the oxygen molecules into individual atoms. These then recombine into ozone, which is simply three oxygen atoms bonded together. The air, which now contains up to 10% ozone by volume, enters the sump through a diffuser stone and is diffused through the water. Ozone is a very active molecule. When in contact with a contaminant, it breaks the weak molecular bond, a process called oxidation. The result of this process is an oxidized contaminant with a byproduct of oxygen, just as a nature. The remaining ozone off gases into the chiller compartment, treating all of the internal services and minimizing the growth of mold and slime. All of this leads to lower operating costs and less maintenance for your ice maker and cleaner, healthier ice for you and your customers.