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Keira Elmer Commercial demo 2022

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Voice Over • Online Ad


This demo has 6 different commercial spots.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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remember that feeling of taking your first bite of ice cream on the hottest day of summer. One bite of bluebells, decadent milk, chocolate, peanut butter cups and peanut butter cookie bites. You'll see the good old days are right now. Smooth, linear polish, lavished holographic coating, seven colors for every dark day. The dark rainbow collection by Hollow Taco School's back in session once again. So when you send your little one off, make sure it's with Elmer's glue stick in disappearing purple, celebrate your child's creativity, mess free drying, straightening, curling, you can put your hair through a lot so why not help it out with Theresa May's repair and protect seven and visibly repair up to seven types of damage. Trisomy puts in the work so you can work it. Roku Tv is America's number one streaming platform. For a reason. You can get access to the latest movies and shows with just your voice Roku Tv smart enough to be simple, chalky, vitamin chewy, vitamin new little critters plus key vitamins and minerals fused with all natural flavors like kids and their bodies will thank you for it's no wonder the number one kids Gummi is little critters making nutrition taste great