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Reflective, character, commercial, radio imaging, public service, business.

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you might be asking yourself. What exactly does s BBS do? It's easy we simplify your business structure s BBs. Whether you heard it through the grapevine or on route 66 the rumors are true. Chattanooga RVs are selling off all their old models to make room for this year's new models. A Know what you're thinking? Who does this? Little sugar? An tinky is your C I get around. And, buddy, you got a serious mold problem in their network. Television is free to everyone because they make their money from advertising. Right? So why does the cable company charge a fortune for their service? And so advertisements to Hey, I am Granny. You might think this whole lady's closet would be full of nothing but boring. Out dated, closed. Well, let me tell you, and you want to rule the market, you can't just follow the trends. You have to make them. You have to see the next to rise and step out in front of the pack to meet it. Look around your home. Look closely. Are there things you've been waiting to fix this spring? Make time for a safety check of your home form or information. Call 1 800 home safe. Hi, I'm Ken Blumberg. Thanks for listening.