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An audiobook (poem written by an American base Maya Frank Chukas) and I was contracted to Produce and Voice the Voice Over.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


African (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
bongo africa. Bring to me or bongo a drum from the southern part of Africa with a forest heard of its jungle call it taboo. We will tear at its trades? Taking care to be at care. We will shred its skins and what's left of its Timberlands thing. We will fill it with rocks from under the ocean, waterfalls. Where can we look and what can we find Africa recalls the stone age. Yet no baroness we will find. She gets the X. Plant and roses, Herkimer diamonds too. And like uranus and Neptune rainfalls and diamonds. Salt of the atmosphere though taboo bungalow of Africa plays a new song, rape and baroness of the great mother's womb. He takes care to with the help of atmospheric rosewater. Taboo clings his boat ley lines and airwaves or sentiment called is made out to every heard from within mother's atmospheric container and ley lines. Now the sun is heard. Make your ways joining your ways back home to Africa. The soil is rich with crystalline worries. The seeds. No of this. There are vistas inside stars sitting within thousands constellation. Mansions above the integral sky as above. So below. The night is dark as a woman who the night as dark as the womb heavy indeed with darkness. Yet the night is easy and light when the rain and souls meet the valley's vans and mountain snow. On your insights. Taboo. The drum shift shapes and the shadows and reflects of her light Africa as a tear duct for the whole earth. And why not? Must the wound? No, no pain must the darkness of Africa's womb carry no tears of lineage back to when fire revealed the first stone Shirley she holds in place and complicated card of the same fire and stone must the darkness of Africa's warm carry not tears of lineages back to when fire revealed the first stone Shirley. She holds and plays an umbilical cord of the same fire and stone. And hey kima and rose from her inside out africa or is not with time. And her music curses particles, waves of earth to slow and speed up those slow, not heavy dark yet still fast, fauna and flora of herself. She contributes to the gardens of earth on its libraries. Nathan's six and taboos to Delanie song was heard. And in the spirit of the dark it awakens old libraries in rhythm and selling the songs with impositions of tectonic shift shifting. Perhaps a new map. What is thin is not heard and what is heard never seen or people of lost history. Is it taboo things of an old of endangered particle africa. Through her umbilical cord the nodes, sounds and all his head and always saying. Herkimer diamonds down lying her lays a turning her to the essence of her greatest jungle where the heart of Turner received dreams from the flower and all the flora sends rhythms to the pure of the earth and her crown is imbalance of all activated energies. She is green again in this blue earth and her Children sing a new song for her yoke is holding and dying. She is, and she is cleansed, Maya frank Lucas. This is africa bongo.