Forward from Demons, Devils and Denizens of Hell Part II



Horror audiobook foreward.

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Oh, it's you again. Maybe interest you in something dark. Once again, those authors of deviously bright minds and bloody fingers have gathered under the crimson soaked pavilion of **** bound books, publishing to regale you with tales of terror. Expect the finest and dark storytelling, including bloody organs that take on a life of their own in innocuous farmhouse that might be an unmapped portal to ****, a beautician with a McCobb list of salon services. Black eyed Children that come knocking when you are completely alone. A demonic bobble in airport security on much, much more. Futility is a huge theme in this collection because it is a vital aspect to the best horror. I'm talking about doors that won't open in time, claw like hands that reach up from below you and pull you down by the ankles. Ah, hike in the forest that takes a grisly turn Onda powerful demon that comes looking for you in your golden years. There is no way to avoid the evil that is coming in. Your eyes will be frozen wide open as the unthinkable unfolds. You can't stop it. It is much too powerful. You're running out of space slash air slash time slash options There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. There is no one that can help you and no one to hear you scream. Perfect. We congratulate you for being a repeat customer. Ah, frequent flyer in the brooding skies of unknown terror. The skillfully woven tales included will rip open your healed over psychological scars, fill your mind with horrific images and give you new reasons to wake up in a cold sweat. Our aim is to sever your hands, Justus. You are reaching for some semblance of sanity and distract you with the screeching of the eternally damned sound. Good. Then jump right in. Oh, okay. Mhm.