Modern Women - Elizabeth Barrett

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The early writings of Elizabeth Barrett.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Elizabeth Barrett was born in London about the year 18 09. Her father was an opulent country gentleman and nano West indie emergent, as several biographies represent him to have been. She passed her girlhood at his country's seat in Hertfordshire. Among the lovely scenery of the malvern Hills, she seems to have been a very precocious child and the culture which she received in her youth was fair, liberal and sound classics. Philosophy and science were studied with enthusiasm and success without disregarding the fact that all women do not follow in the footsteps of men and therefore do not require the same course of learning. Elizabeth Barrett participated largely in the education given to her brothers by a very able tutor. Mr Hugh Stewart Boyd immigration from a very early age. Her ear was ever attuned to catch the deep and mysterious and hope inspiring whisperings of nature. At the age of 10 she began writing in prose and in verse, and at 15 her talent for literary composition became known to her friends. She was the most diligent student, and soon became a contributor to periodical literature and a series of articles on the greek, christian poets not only indicated how deeply she had entered into the spirit of these old authors, but proved that she was possessed both of recondite learning and true poetic genius, Proofs of rare reading and deep reflection abound in Miss Barrett's first attempt at authorship. Published in 1826, an essay on mind and other poems. Her next literary enterprise was a version of one of the greatest and most difficult masterpieces of classical antiquity, prometheus bound, which appeared in 1833, and of which she has since given an improved translation.