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VO for film - #natural #realistic #real #New York accent

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Opening voiceover for true crime film, \"Amityville: The People of New York vs. Ronald Defeo\". Please see testimonial

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North American, US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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This is Suffolk County Police, May I help you? Yeah. We have a shooting here. What is your name? Can you spell that? Y. E. S. Y. E S. W. I. T. W. I. T. Your phone number? I don't even know if it's here it is. I don't have a phone number here. Okay. Where you calling from? Its in Amityville. Call up the police. It's right off the Ocean Avenue and Ocean Avenue. Off of where? It's right off American Road, Ocean Avenue, Merrick Road. What's the problem sir? It's a shooting. There's a shooting, anybody hurt, huh? Anybody hurt? Yeah. Everyone's everyone's dead. What do you mean? Everybody's dead. I don't know what happened. Kid comes running the bars and everyone and his family was killed. We came down here. Hold on a second sir. I'm gonna let you speak to the desk sergeant. Hold on. Oh.