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An announcement to staff in stern tones

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In the last few weeks, we have observed incompatibilities with some employees conduct in the wake of our return to regular office. Working in this announcement, we hope to clarify some of those misunderstandings so we can get back to our usual state of affairs. Our existing business formal dress code that has always been in place does apply once again. Items of clothing such as pyjamas, tracksuits or shower ropes do not fall under this dress code as it was before. Taking an afternoon nap at your desk continues to not be an acceptable use of company property or your time while you are working on the premises. Netflix has been blocked on the company network, and it continues to not be acceptable to have Netflix on, even if it is on a second screen and you're not really watching it. And finally, we can once again clarify that setting up contractions to move your mouse and make it appear like you're working is not an acceptable practise. Any sign of this will be met with an immediate review into your conduct and potential dismissal from the company. As we continue to readjust back to the office environment, we will continue to release these announcements when and where they are required. Thank you for watching this update and have a productive day.