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Madagascar TV Documentary

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a monsoon storm on the coast of an island in the Indian Ocean. But this is not a normal tropical island. This is Madagascar. Once joined to Africa, Madagascar has been isolated for millions of years, and it has evolved a set, a wildlife all of its own. More than 80% of it is found nowhere else on Earth. This strange island is split in two by a line of mountains running its length. The eastern slopes are drenched with rain and cloaked in jungle across these mountains to the western side. And you are in another world to live here. You would need to cope with the landscape that is bone dry for most of the year, a land where rain is fleeting and quite unpredictable. And yet medic gas cars, arid lands are full of life. Everything that lives here has its own fight for survival, and resource is as the season swing by in this eccentric land, some of the strategies wildlife has developed are quite extraordinary.