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How to video written and recorded to onboard new customers to a special feature in a product

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get started on your research quickly in nexus uni Using natural language searching. Look for this and other helpful videos and support resources in our help center and the lower right of the screen. Natural language searches like web searching simply enter searches as though describing the issue to another person. Ask a question. Use phrases, enter a citation or string together any relevant terms without connectors as terms are entered NExus uni analyzes the search and removes noise words like why and is using only the most relevant words or phrases. The results highlight the terms used on the right. The sort by is set to relevance so that the articles having the most of each term or where the terms appear close together or as a phrase rank higher in the results. You can also enter the search as a string of terms separated by a space. We'll use the search box along the top an or connector is used automatically. So you can string as many terms and they're synonyms as needed. Opening a document, see a larger picture of the relevancy of the results by opening the all terms box in the document navigation bar along the top seen here is the number of times a term or phrase appears in the article as an indicator of term use and relevancy. Ready to try it. Start with this search used in our video and get started with natural language searching today