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English Audiobook Sample - Male Female Dialogue

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This is the retail sample from the recent WW2 Espionage audiobook titled Codename Mermaid

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Ben, do you want to talk about it? She said, as if talking about it, could help. I ignored her. I ignored her all day. We wrapped up with Hank, got our final instructions and I didn't say another word to her. Not a word in the elevator, not a word on the sidewalk, or in the taxi. Not a word. When I purchased the train tickets, I ignored her, whispered question about separate compartments, not matching our cover story, I asked the ticket man for two, and that's what I bought. I handed Vicky a ticket and let the party get her luggage. I pretended not to hear when she asked about dinner in the dining car, I went straight to my compartment, shut the door and pulled the curtain. We would play married when it mattered, and it didn't seem like it mattered yet. Why it mattered at all was still beyond my comprehension. But Hank and his superiors had their reasons. They always had their reasons. I stole my bags and sat. My headache had returned, and it was worse than ever. I needed sleep, I needed peace and quiet bump. The carriage jolted. We were under way to Vermont. It was an overnight train scheduled to arrive late in the afternoon. The next day. I had all night and more to get some rest, but I wouldn't be able to sleep. Not with so much on my mind and not on a train. I hated trains. I hated them ever since Emily died. I hated a lot of things. My bible was tucked in the top of my briefcase. I pulled it out. I hadn't read it in months, but I opened it every day. I opened it to the first page where Emily's handwriting looped and curved on tear stained paper to Benjamin. You've been God's greatest gift to me, love Emily. I dropped off water splashed on the page. I dabbed it off with my shirt sleeve and put the book away. The paper couldn't take much more. It was threatening to come apart. My head was threatening to split apart, weren't we? A pair? I sat for a good hour staring at the opposite wall. My tears came and went. Anger flared, despair washed over nothing new, more of the same. It was hopeless. If hank hadn't dragged me into this, I would be back on the ranch and I would be miserable there too. No matter where I went or what I did Emily wasn't going to come back. She was gone. Hopefully she was up there with God in heaven. Well, if it existed, she would be there for sure. She had faith. I used to something rumbled it was me, stale pastries weren't meant to hold us for the day and we never had lunch. I sighed. Time for dinner. Hopefully the dining car would be empty. It was not empty. Far from it. Every table was full conversation and laughter graded the air. I wanted to turn back, but I was hungry name. Mhm. I turned a man in uniform, peered at me expectantly over a clipboard. Oh, blanchard. He studied his chart. Benjamin? Yeah. Right this way he turned and strode down the aisle, but I started to ask. But he was on a mission to where I couldn't tell. I didn't see any open tables. I followed. He reached the end of the car and placed a many opposite. A woman whose back was to me chestnut brown hair, gray dress. Vicki, enjoy your meal, sir, who was gone before I could object. So I sat. There was no other option.