Voice Over • Video Narration


All background demos were recorded, edited, and produced by me as a sample to what my voice can do.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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dan likes his daughter but he doesn't like her driving without car insurance and that can be pricey. That's why dan uses evergreen insurance. They keep his car's safe while his cars keep his daughter safe. You go dan. Our farmers agreed to make and two conditions more flavor less can. That's why we load all four varieties of hearty spoonfuls with delicious bird, i vegetables, chicken, pasta or rice. There are millions of kids in this world that don't have food, clothing or shelter. You can make the decision to help them and use your resources to make it happen. Volunteer today, call your local american red cross. Need extra storage space and what woman doesn't we have, what you need at in its premier storage facility. If you've been wondering where the party is, you're about to find out the outpost baby.