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General American - Thriller - Female/Male

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I selected, recorded, and edited this demo.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US General American (GenAm)


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Rosa shots her name through the corridors of the dark cold house. She runs up the stairs to the first floor and searches beneath all the sloping roofs but with the same result there's nothing no furniture, no possessions, only the scent of varnish and fresh wood hanging over everything. It's an empty newly renovated house and it feels as though nothing has ever been inside. On her way down the stairs she hears him, he is humming something, an old nursery rhyme when she realizes what it is. Her veins freeze to ice when she walks through the doorway from the front hall to the living room he is crouching with his back to her, jabbing a poker at the smoldering fire wood in the stove, in the blue bucket. Beside him is the ax and in one swift movement she grabs it but he doesn't move a muscle. He is still crouching when he looks up at her and her hands begin to shake but she tries to position them on the handle so she'll be ready to use it. Tell me what you've done. He shuts the door of the stove and carefully fastens the hasp. She's somewhere nice now. Isn't that what people say? I asked you what you've done. That was what they told me anyway every time I asked about my sister but ironic really. First you lock twins in a basement and let hubby do whatever he wants while mommy films the whole thing then you split them up for years without a word of contact because you think it's best for them. Rosa doesn't know what to say but as he rises to his feet she tightens her grip on the X. But somewhere nice that isn't very comforting. I think the not knowing is the worst thing. Do you agree? The man is insane. There is no reasoning, no strategy or plan that can be used before those calmly staring eyes. I don't know what you want and I don't care. You're going to tell me what you've done and where Christine is. You hear me or what? You'll use that on me. He points casually at the ax and she feels tears welling up. He's right. She'll never use the ax because then she'd never know. Even as she fights them back. The tears begin to come and she sees the ghost of a smile on his face. Why don't we skip this part? We both know what you want to know. And I know I want to tell you. The only question is how much you want to know? I'll do anything. Just tell me. Why can't you just tell me He's quick and she has no time to react before he's standing close to her, pressing something wet and soft against her face. The sharp stench Sears her nostrils. She tries to twist free but he's too strong and his voice is whispering much too close to her ear there. Now breathe. It'll all be over soon