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Hello everyone and welcome in this new episode of marvelous creatures on our channel, boost your knowledge. Or you might be wondering about this creature and the relationship between these pictures, then stay with us and know about all these things. Well, the bill of summary, it is a family of freshwater hippie tree in six known as giant water bugs, toe biters, indian toe biters, electric light bugs or alligator ticks. They are the largest insects in the order of hem patriot. There are about 170 species found in freshwater habitats worldwide. The giant water bugs can exceed 12 cm and nearly reached the land of some of the largest battles in the world. Another way to think is that the giant water bugs are a popular food in parts of Egypt well, as you can see here that the bellow some rates or the water bugs are aggressive predator rules that saw capture and fit on fish and insects. Moreover, the largest species have also been found to capture and feed on baby turtles and water snakes.