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Voice Over • Elearning


Conversational, relatable, and engaging samples from work dealing in explainers, k-12 e-learning, and instructional videos.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Welcome to your first day as a hand and stone esthetician. Before we set you loose to beautify the world. We want to take a few minutes to go over our policies and procedures. Some will be obvious. Like ask before you touch a client and the client is here to relax. So do your best to be polite and calm and don't giggle at their back hair. Yeah, we're talking to you Marcus. We're going to quickly review them all. So let's get started. Welcome to the adobe animate self study course. In this course you'll explore the animate CC interface while learning to use the tools through hands on lessons covering different uses and capabilities of animates, drawing tools, working with graphic symbols, button symbols and the library. Best practices for animation design and delivery. I am very large and swim in the ocean. I breathe through a hole in the top of my head and the songs I sing to my family can be heard for miles underwater. What am I? That's right. A whale. I finally got the model from Jack and I was hoping to review it with you and make sure we can run it on your computer. Do you have some time today, Helen? I'm sorry. I have meetings for the rest of the afternoon. Would tomorrow at 11 work. That would be great. I'll send you a meeting invitation. So we both have it on our calendars. Thanks the midbrain or Mesen cephalon from the greek. Mezzos, middle and NK Felos brain is a portion of the central nervous system associated with vision, hearing, motor control, sleep and wake cycles or arousal and temperature regulation. Anatomically it comprises the tech TEM or crop, or a quadra Tamina tag, mentum, ventricular, MS, cecilia and the cerebral paid uncles, as well as several nuclei and physically.