Manuscript found in Accra - preface

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This is a preface to the well known book who I read to my sister in order to help her to learn english.

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in December 1945. 2 brothers looking for a place to rest found a noon full of papyrus is in a cave in the region off camera Adam in Upper Egypt. Instead of telling **** local authorities as the low demanded, they decided to sell them. Singling the market for antiquities was avoiding attracted the government's attention. The boy's mother, fearing negative energies, burned several off. The newly discovered papyrus is the following year for reasons history does not record, the brothers quarrelled, attributing discord to those supers. Negative energies. The mother handed over the manuscripts to a priest who sold them to the Coptic Museum in Cairo. They're the papyrus is were given the name They still buried to this day manuscript from Nag Ahmadi, a preference to the town nearest to the caves where they were found. One of the museum's experts, the religious historian Jean Doris E, realised the importance of the discovery and mention it for the first time in a publication date. In 1948 other papyrus is began to appear on the black market. The Egyptian government tried to prevent the manuscript from leaving the country after the 1952 revolution most of the material was handed over to the Coptic Museum in Cairo and declared a part of the nation on heritage on ly. One tax excluded them, and this has turned up in an antiquarian shop in Belgium. After Vine attempts to salad in New York or Paris, it was finally acquired about the call. Ewing is sited in 1951 on the death off the famous psychoanalyst, the papyrus, now known as the U. N Cortex, returned to Cairo, but the almost 1000 pages and fragments off the manuscripts from Nag Hamadi are not to be found.