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Lauren Jelencovich Animation Demo Reel

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Voice Over • Animation


Recorded with Toonhouse Inc. also features short snippet of my own original music, lyrics and singing.

Vocal Characteristics




British, Eastern European, German, North American


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don't you see? Mere. Uh, this is my chance. If I can work my magic and get your rolled out of trouble, I'll finally be a really ranking member of the eternal guardians. Uh, that's so fast that bell bids your tardy big tardy means your Pardon me, my lord, but I am the bar. I spend tales of victory, sorrow, weaving words of woe in wonder alike. I sing, sire, like this meadow calls were white clouds and on my true love no longer forlorn Morning. All right, he uh Mama, can you just bring me some weak tea? I'm just so weak. Can't make it to garden silence in this village, I rule me the one and only Grandi bumpkin. Now I want to hear some grumbling way. Must be careful. Do you spends it way Give peace a chance. Give peace a chance. Well, everyone I said give peace a chance. Not pizza pants like Who am I? Bob Dylan. It No, you I can't do it. We'll never make the soap box derby now. I'm sorry, Sprocket. Activating sobbing software. Oh, who