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Clips from a self help book as well as a mystery

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Young Adult (18-35)


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word to the wise search out how your life mimics there's even if it has a slightly different flavor. The following, for example, may be truer for you. You're in a marriage you completely adore with great kids. But you haven't been in the body you want since your baby was born. Or maybe you like Stephanie are single and that you don't live in New York City like she does. You think even the Big Apple sounds like a better dating pool than the dried piece of fruit that represents your state. Or maybe, like Ethan, you're in a job you don't holy love. But the salary is good and you have Oh, I don't know, become kind of dependent on food, your for a one K and Health insurance Chapter two Agent Abby Whitmore took out her crystal chandelier earrings, then slipped her nine millimeter from its thigh holster. She placed everything on the dresser and exhaled, letting go of the small annoyances from the evening. She'd much rather have faced an armed assailant than mingled with the slew of congressmen's wives, especially when those same women only wanted to talk about when she was going to take on the missus title shutter