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This is an internet promo for a new Guitar app and chord generator. The voice is supposed to be direct and friendly, without too much sophistication.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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introducing the Cord Man Virtual guitar app available at the cord man dot com website. Portman has four basic app modes, each with sub options to edit or find. The first mode is the guitar designer, where you could design hundreds of guitars, different body types, different materials, such a trim pick. Guards would then, at any paint job you like the first designs and finishes. Finally, you can adjust the neck would type in lays from machine heads. When you're done, you can take a snapshot to your camera in high resolution. The next mode is the core designer and library. One of court matters most powerful features here. You can edit and create any time Uh, Theun transpose them up, down and even find a variety of voices for each one. Finally, you can add your new court to your library. The court editor displays the shape upon which your court is based, its type and the name you've transposed. You can also create your own cords and then name. The third mode is the song pad, which automatically creates court buttons. Many song you've imported or written. You can also transpose any song to the key. Most suited to you. Each time you click a button, the court gets added to your court library. When the song pad is an edit mode that makes it very easy. Add your own chords with a text editor. Once you're done, Exit edit mode and Court Man automatically recognizes the courts. You've best of all. Court man automatically translates between the popular court pro format and regular text, making it easy to view any file you've imported. A written in either format. Finally, there's the file saving mode, where you can organize and categorize your songs and guitars. You can easily navigate amongst your folders and add new files and folders at any time. Each file you save contains a song and a unique cord library and guitar that you've designed while in the guitar edit mode. You can import any guitar that you've created for any other file, making it possible to create hundreds of different designs. Cord Man at the court man dot com website