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documentary, drama, humorous.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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the world of cave diving is so deadly that even the official warning signs feature a grim Reaper and the text death, even for experienced divers, lies beyond this point. So why would anyone want to take the risk? To find the answer, you need to go to Florida. Riddled with underwater caves and home to a large population of diving professionals, it was only natural that someone would dive below the surface and tell others of their adventures. The publicist was sweating. The congressman's Georgetown mansion had central air, so Jason took it as a sure sign that something was up. 16 weeks of investigation, the biggest political corruption story of the century. And he'd uncovered the whole thing before. Jason had outlined half the players in the scheme he'd uncovered. The congressman had crossed the room to pour himself a scotch, but he'd seen politicians do stranger things while they stalled for time. In the end, the congressman agreed to tough. Luffy was a mischievous cat, always adventurous. One day on his way to his favorite napkins, he saw Bird fly right over his head. Lucky became very interested in the bird and its ability to fly the bird landed on a nearby tree. Fluffy, always up for an adventure, wanted to get a closer look at the bird, so he began to climb the tree. The bird gave fluffy a very strange look. Thanks for listening. I'm Leo Baker Smith.