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A fast and easy distinguishable voices that I can do.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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My first day of school was so terrifying. And even though I was no one, you sat with me like coffee in the morning or a campfire, it felt like all the best things. You were my only friend. Oh, my pitiful half brother, you're going to pray to my demonic flames. You're dead. A random act of kindness. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not joining your club, Rodney. You dragged me out here because you thought I was stupid. Didn't, you don't go to sleep yet? Honey, we're only getting started, please. Won't you just kill me? You give me a more since I laid my eyes on you. I knew you could overpower me. I'm below you. So I have to give it my all. Gather it in one place. One stroke activates full power. Oh. Oh, what the ****, whatever. Let's get this stupid shaw on the road. I'm not doing this to look pretty. Ok. You had everything. Then I took it away from you. Watch as I tear your dream apart and all because you got it my way.