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Video game demo. Made with ExtraTerrible in Texas. Also a sample of my quality.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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some nights I swear. I can remember my mother's face but then it fades away like a ship escaping into the fog. I know she's out there somewhere. Well, you must have really ****** someone off. That's one **** of a shiner. You're not the type to ask questions before you shoot, are you? Oh yes. You got a pit coin. If you get enough of these babies, you can trade them into the pit boss and you'll upgrade your car, then you'll really be ready to tear things up. As long as I have breath, I will fight. Only one of the show remains. Did the Prophet feed you the same? Love? What cruel games that God's play with us. I fear that our final hour approaches. What can we possibly do? This place hasn't been called Sage Hollow for a long time now at least not since the dread nots trashed everything. Welcome to scrap land. Make yourself at home. Not like you're leaving any time soon. I spotted three mech suits on the outside perimeter and at least four more beyond the gate. We have to do this one smart or things will get really messy. I'm sending you drop coordinates now. Finally, that's everything now. We just need to get these orbs to the elders in the village should be safe. Thank you so much traveler. We couldn't have done this without you now while it's weak. Use this spear and put your back into it. Give it everything. You've got