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it is about right human rights and the rule of law

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the people in the community are known as Citizens. Citizens are a member of a town, city, state or country. The United States Constitution gives certain rights and responsibilities to citizens. A right is a freedom to act in a certain way. Such rights include the freedom to say what we think, what to believe, what we want to share information with others and to gather publicly and privately. Responsibility is being accountable for one's actions and obligations. These responsibilities include obeying federal, state and local laws and participating in the in your community by staying informed for voting. Did you catch that? Your voice matters? You may wonder what exactly that means. Well, the United States Government is a representative democracy. That means citizens get to choose or vote for representatives to make decisions for them in the federal state and local governments as citizens. It is important to stay form. So you can vote for the representative that best matches your needs. And once have you ever played a game with someone who tries to change the rules to help themselves. Now imagine someone like that was the king or queen of the whole nation. The founders of the United States knew what that was like. They knew that one government official makes all the rules that official might not believe. They have to follow the rules themselves and they can change the rules whenever they want. Imagine a king who doesn't like what a business owner sells. He can make a law that says selling that product is illegal, forcing the business owner out of business. That wouldn't be fair. This is why the founders designed a system called the Rule of Law.