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This is Carrie. As our produce manager. She works closely with local farmers like Laura at Riverbank Farm to source the purest, freshest produce born of the Earth and brimming with flavor. Along with these local farmers were building a healthy, sustainable and local food community. Thank you for visiting mystic geriatrics dot com. We are a medical practice designed to promote the health of Southeast Connecticut. Seniors were located in Stonington and provide state of the art geriatric care in your home or in our offices. Good geriatric care can make an enormous difference in older adults. If you're a fast food sugar junkie like I waas and like most of the world still is, then this video is for you. You see, two years ago, this was me. I'm amazed at how little I knew then, and in the next few minutes you're going to learn what you need to know. In Pine Points preschool program Children grow in a safe, nurturing environment that builds confidence and independence. Our program facilitates individual learning with an emphasis on play, while instilling empathy, respect for self respect for others and responsibility. Thank you for holding. Did you know that e chalk is positioned to combine best in class learning in a simple and safe environment. At E chalk, students, teachers and parents confined everything related to their school life. Please continue to hold. We'll be with you momentarily. This young Indian chief was in love with a woman from a neighboring hostel tribe. They planned to reload, but her father pursued them to the brink of lover's leap overlooking horse pond. Rather than be captured, they spurred their horse over the ledge and into the pond below.