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I've worked in health care for decades, practice yoga and meditation regularly and do a lot of public speaking. I've chosen a range of recording types for this demo, including ads, book review, piece from an article and a meditation.

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Hi, this is lisa tizen and this is my voice over demo ready for a new Medicare advantage plan that centered on you inspired by what people in massachusetts really want in a health plan. We created a new kind of Medicare advantage plan that will bring care and coverage together all to give you a continuous circle of care under one health system you already trust. And the best part, we're just getting started. Have you been thinking about going electric to meet your transportation needs? Are you considering an electric car to replace your old gas guzzling vehicle? Getting an electric bike to whiz up those hills or getting an electric scooter for those short commutes, come meet your neighbors and their electric cars, bikes and scooters at this year's e vehicle fest allow for a moment to pass while you deepen your breath and become more aware of what is going on in your body traveling from the ground up. Notice how you feel. Pay attention to your feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips move upward but gently you do not want to rush this. So allow a moment to pass in stillness for each area of your body. If birds are made of air as the nature writer Sai Montgomery says, then writing a great bird book is a little like dusting for the fingerprints of a ghost, it calls for poetry and science Conjuring and evidence in her breathtaking new book, H is for hawk. Helen Macdonald renders an indelible impression of a raptor fierce essence and her own with words that mimic feathers. So impossibly pretty, we don't notice their astonishing engineering. In his book on dementia. The Scottish pastor and theologian john Swinton wrote that we as a culture have a bias toward what he called core textual is um a bias towards fusing our understanding of personhood with higher order thinking and reasoning. That leads us to depreciate the humanity of those not capable of typical cognition, including dementia patients. The research is clear employee recognition when done well, has huge payoffs. According to the data we collect on leaders across industries. Every measure of morale, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee retention soars when managers regularly provide recognition. The options for retired life can be daunting. This class will help you plan for happiness as you enter your next phase will discuss short and long term goal setting, finding a fulfilling part time job building or expanding your social network and generally setting yourself up for success. Clara will now with a triple moisturizing conditioner, deep moisture. Your color too lush and radiant hair in great condition colors more evenly hydrants, deep moisturizing color creme deeply conditions and protects to lock in unstoppable, lush radiant color clairol hydrants. If 12 Jumbo jets crashed every year, something would be done about it every year. Nearly 6000 teens die in automobile accidents. We can all help stop teen driving deaths. And the good news is we can start today. It's time to make the world a safer place to drive. That's all states stand all state, you're in good hands. Is your wealth story complete? Let us help you write it with comprehensive planning goals, based investing and fiduciary services, Washington Trust, a complete wealth solution. This is lisa tizen. Thanks for listening.