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I really enjoyed reading this book as I am also a on camera actor, it speaks to the psychological issues we face going through auditions etc.

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Canadian, US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US Upper Midwest (Fargo, Minnesota)


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one of the most important tasks in artistic recovery is learning to call things and ourselves by the right names. Most of us have spent years using the wrong names for our behaviors. We have wanted to create and we have been unable to create and we have called that inability laziness. This is not merely inaccurate, it is cruel accuracy and compassion service far better blocked artists are not lazy, they are blocked being blocked and being lazy are two different things. The blocked artists typically expends a great deal of energy, not just visibly the blocked artist spends energy on self hatred, on regret, on grief and on jealousy. The blocked artist spends energy on self doubt. The blocked artist does not know how to begin with baby steps. Instead, the blocked artist thinks in terms of great big scary impossible tasks. A novel, a feature film, a one person show an opera when these large tasks are not accomplished or even begun. The blocked artist calls that laziness do not call the inability to start laziness call it fear. Fear is a true name for what ails the blocked artist. It may be fear of failure or a fear of success. Most frequently it is fear of abandonment. This fear has roots in childhood reality. Most blocked artists tried to become artists against either their parents good wishes or their parents. Good judgment for a youngster, this is quite difficult to go squarely against your parents values means you'd better know what you're doing. You'd better not just be an artist, you'd better be a great artist if you're going to hurt your parents so much parents do act hurt when Children rebel and declaring one's self an artist is usually viewed by parents as an act of rebellion. Unfortunately, the view of an artist's life as an adolescent rebellion often lingers. Making any act of art entail the risk of separation and the loss of loved ones. Because artists will yearn for their creative goals. They then feel guilty, the skill demands that they set a goal for themselves right off the bat that they must be great artists in order to justify this rebellion.