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I've noticed that my colleague Greg hasn't been himself lately. Greg's been joining our meetings late. He seems apathetic and quiet, and it seems like he always has something on his mind. He also has been missing days from work, which isn't like him. During one of our recent team calls, he snapped at me. I'm not sure what I should do. I stay fresh to keep my mind clear. For me, it's to be inspired. I keep fresh to stay in shape, to stay focused, to escape the heat, to push through, to go faster, to perform better. I really worry about Mom since she had that fool. She's so independent. But I know she's not coping and it's an extra hour each day for me to get over to visit her. I'm having the exact same thing with my grandad. I feel so guilty. But I can't get there every day. And he never complains. I have a complicated history with borderlands and I suspect that's a fairly common experience. Okay, so it's not all that complicated, but bear with me. I wasn't super into the first game. Sumi Better with Friends is an idiom crutch that often rings true, But even with a full group Xbox 3 60 communicator in hand, I just couldn't get into the trash filled landscapes. And the roster, as is Borderlands, too, was a completely different storey littered with colourful locales, Mohr interesting classes and abilities on a general sense of ramped up law that helped differentiate it from the pack. Borderlands three is the natural next step of their formula, but don't count on too many alterations.