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for decades, people's health care has relied on a broken system that leaves people vulnerable to preventable diseases and chronic conditions, leaving them to ask the worst kinds of what if but a better healthcare future is possible with primary care. So instead of asking, what if things get worse, we'll show you how things can get better. If primary care was our country's top healthcare priority, patients could access it with ease and confidence to create a strong patient doctor relationship unique to their needs with prioritized access to primary care for all will be in better shape for whatever nature has planned for us next. If insurance companies incentivized regular visits and supported broad access to primary care, we'd become a healthier, stronger and more prosperous nation because primary care is proven to save lives and save money For every dollar invested in primary care. The health care system realizes a savings of $13 in other services. And while primary care accounts for 35% of healthcare visits in America, it only receives about 5% of all healthcare funding despite spending more than two times per capita on healthcare than countries like France Canada and the UK Americans still experience worse health outcomes. Yet primary care is still overlooked. Instead of fixing a broken system, What if we re prioritized our nation's healthcare needs from the ground up and give our health care system the same dedication a primary care physician would. So patients can look at health care less as sick care and more as preventative care and let primary care build everyone a health care home just for them, learn what's possible with primary care at primary care for America dot org.