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Fantasy Characters

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Voice Over • Videogames


A bit of my range of character voices, inspired by fantasy games and other media.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British, Scottish


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
as air to the throne. Neither reverse should expect you to understand my position and you should stop trying. It's embarrassing for the both of us. Life is like work. It ain't clean. And you shouldn't be afraid of getting dirty anyway. Ah, Castle, a shiny glasses, a hailstorm away from uselessness. That's why they use bricks. I've seen trees sprout and grow mighty, only to be felled by your kind wielding the corpses of their brothers. Expect no sympathy from me. I'll help if I can just let me know how and where and when. And okay, maybe I'm not much help, but at least I'm trying right Counts for something. Everybody talks about the heroes. Ain't nobody talking about the folks who feed him. Simple working folks got no place in epics, I suppose