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Voice Over • Animation


Quirky, Mystique, Hippy, Nerdy

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North American


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Hey, it's me. Water. Did you know that if you filter me from your tap, I'm pretty much the same as I am in a plastic bottle except that I'm like 10 times cheaper. But other than that the same. Oh and I'm fresher when I'm filtered and I don't have to use all that plastic and I don't have to get shipped halfway around the world. But other than that, we're pretty much the same. How far would you go to experience the most exquisite holiday fragrance through the cedar forest and a horse drawn sleigh or the cranberry fields of New England? How about right around the corner, the holiday sense from the fragrance collection by glade, luxurious fragrance at a practical price. Find pomegranate and cranberries and fresh pine insider where you find Glade sc johnson a family company, You've got to feel the universe in the center of your kneecaps. Dude, do you feel it now? Quiet your mind and empty your brain of all major bummers? Hey, get that bicycle off my beach. Na, think about something relaxing like a unicorn poster and let the sound of the waves. Just take you to your happy place rule number 78 no wedges. All right, everyone, let's just keep breathing and hold that warrior posed for for 32 one and see if you can't find a way to enjoy it