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Lori Renae B2B Explainer & Explainer Video Demo - Confident , Friendly , Conversational , Upbeat , Quirky , Playful

Voice Over • Video Narration


A sample of Animated & Short Film Explainers designed to Educate and Inform Audience Members in an engaging , playful , and conversational ways.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


US General American (GenAm), US Mid-Atlantic, US Western


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This is a snaggle tooth. Belarusian. Know Bassem. Say that three times fast. No, don't please. Anyway, our little marsupial here is worried about staying warm for the winter. But she wants to be fashionable is well, that's why she shops at Zara. Well, that in the fact that we don't make any opossum fur products, that would just be weird. Click any of the designs below to learn more. Do your kids need homework? Over the many brain lee brain Lee is the crowd sourcing site that helps bring together students from around the country. Here's how it works. Meat for bills. An average guy in an average town with very averages. His blood pressure is a little high. Easy on the cheese sticks man, and he could. Stample is a pound or 20 but otherwise he's doing OK. Bills happy. There's a CBS health in this town taken, get checkups buyer certified nurse practitioner and deal with everyday health issues without a long wait to see a doctor fill with nachos down. Think Pascoe is just big. Lots of merchandise at this kind of prices. Well, yeah, we got that, but we bet you didn't know that Costco carries a whole line of a premium house. First, did you or porcelain dinner sets from Villeroy and Bosch? Yeah. Cascos. Fancy like that. Check it out.