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This is Lyndsay Crescenti's Commerical Demo, featuring television ads for Stitch Fix, Norwegian Cruises, Dove, Sherwin Williams, and McDonald's.

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T shirt and jeans. Every day is t shirt and jeans. That's why I add a little something to your look as a personal stylist for stitch fix. I learn what you like to send you clothes, you'll love stitch fix a new way to shop. We're told to live large. But with Norwegian, your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. So what if you dare to explore this great big, beautiful pond cruise with Norwegian and be free at sea? New moms have their own way to test everything. But do they test their baby soap? Every baby has proteins in their skin? Ordinary baby soap weakens the proteins only baby dove with moisturizing cream leaves baby skin more nourished with every bath. If these wall could talk, they'd have stories to tell of moving days, surprise parties and laughing fits and with HD Tv home by Sherwin Williams color collection and paint your walls will be ready for all that life throws at them. So paint on HD Tv home by Sherwin Williams. I've got a big secret bigger a little. The secret is out now for a limited time, Mcdonald is infusing spicy sriracha into crave a ble big mac sauce in the new cirrus, A big Mac burger stop in and taste the heat before it's gone