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Voice Over • Podcasting


Compilation of narrative styles

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, North American


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maddie McQueen, I'd say I wanted to have a refuge for stray cats. He'd say veterinarian. It was this constant conversion of my fanciful ambition into these practical moneymaking ventures. But you know what if your parents never really fully contradict you about anything and are nice and supportive, it makes it even harder to complain. You know what I mean? I hate it. I really hate it. And almost tackled a middle aged woman around the knees to prevent her from leaving the theater. After forcing her into a seat and hissing, you'll miss the best part. I discovered she was one of the ushers and of course a lucky charm. Everyone in the country carried lucky charms and mystic had worked out that if you didn't have one, people would suspect that you were a witch. You had to be a bit cunning to be a witch. Mystic did have a pointy hat, but it was a stealth hat and pointed only when she wanted it to Good. What happened to civil thomas ever happened to you? I don't mean the dying part. I know we all have to die. I mean the other part, having a baby before she was married, Do you think she loved leo? But one of rises and Falls. It is a story of fear and affection, genius and lunacy virtue, and greed, romance and passion. Niagara is a tale of ongoing sound and fury that begins with Miles of quiet. The waters of four great lakes flow gently along the Niagara River marking the border between the us and Canada. You know that feeling when a guy you like sends you a text at two o'clock on a Tuesday night and asked if he can come and find you and you've accidentally made it out. Like you just caught in yourself so you have to get out of bed, drink half a bottle of wine, get in the shower, shave everything, dig out some agent provocateur business to spend about the whole bit and wait by the door until the buzzer goes and then you open the door to him like you'd almost forgotten he was coming over.