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Excerpts include: \"Artemis\", from the perspective of a rebellious teenager who works on the moon. \"The Great Alone\", from the perspective of a young girl watching the abusive and dysfunctional family she's part of. \"Triangle: The Fire That Changed America\" about the women strikers in the early 1900s

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bob. Lewis is a former U. S. Marine with a no ******** attitude. More important, he's the E. V. A guild head trainer, he answers to the guild master. But bob and bob alone determines your suitability to become a member. And if you aren't a member, you aren't allowed to do solo E. V. A. S. Or lead groups of tourists on the surface. That's how guilds work, *****. So how'd I do? He snorted. Are you kidding me? You failed the exam, Jazz. You super duper failed. Why? I demanded I did all the required maneuvers, accomplished all the tasks and finished the obstacle course in under seven minutes. And when a near fatal problem occurred, I kept from endangering my partner and got safely back to town. He opened a locker and stacked his gloves and helmet inside your suit. Is your responsibility? It failed. That means you failed. How can you blame me for that leak? Everything was fine. We headed out. This is a results oriented profession. The moon's a mean old *****. She doesn't care why your suit fails. She just kills you when it does. You should have inspected your gear better. He hung the rest of his suit on its custom rack in the locker. Come on bob. Jazz! He almost died out there. How can I possibly give you a pass? He closed the locker and started to leave. You can retake the test in six months. I blocked his path. That's so ridiculous. Why do I have to put my life on hold because of some arbitrary guild rule. Pay more attention to equipment inspection. He stepped around me and out of the anti chamber and pay full price when you get that leak fixed and watched him go and slumped onto the bench. **** on a cold, bleak morning. In mid april lini, got up early and staked out her place on the ratty floral sofa in the living room and turned on the Today show. She adjusted the rabbit ears to get a decent picture when it popped into focus. Barbara Walters was saying, Patricia hearst now calling herself Tania seen here in this photograph holding an M one carbine at the recent bank robbery in san Francisco eyewitnesses report that the 19 year old heiress who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation army in february Lenny was spellbound. She still couldn't believe that an army could march in and take a teenager from her apartment. How could anyone be safe anywhere in a world like that? And how did a rich teenager become a revolutionary named Tanya? Come on lainey mama said from the kitchen, get ready for school. Front door banged open. Dad came into the house, smiling in a way that made it impossible not to smile back. He looked out of scale, larger than life in the low ceilinged kitchen, vibrant against the watermarked gray walls. Water dripped from his hair. Mama stood at the stove frying bacon for breakfast. Dad swept into the kitchen and cranked up the transistor radio that sat on the formica counter, a scratchy rock and roll song came through. Dad laughed and pulled mama into his arms, lini heard his whispered, I'm sorry, forgive me always, mama said, holding him as if she were afraid he'd push her away. Dad kept his arm around mama's waist and pulled her over to the kitchen table. He pulled out a chair, said, Laney, come in here! Lenny loved it when they included her, she left her spot on the sofa and took a seat beside her mother. Dad smiled down at lini and handed her a paperback book, the Call of the Wild, You'll love this red euphoria swept the east side on that second full day of the strike, an estimated 5000 additional workers joined the walkout, bringing the total number of strikers to at least 20,000 after morning, picket duty swarms of workers and sympathizers marched through downtown streets, chanting and singing, flowing from ***** Hall to ***** Hall and exploding with applause as word spread of shop owners already caving in Clara Laemmle, founder and spark of local 25 walked the circuit to delivering a short ripping speech at each of the meeting halls. We know that if we stick together and we are going to stick, we will win. She declared a ***** official, hailed the strongest spirit of solidarity among strikers that I have ever seen