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Developed with vocal coach Michael George

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I got it for my show and tell today I brought in a comic of my favorite hero. Hero man. Oh billy! Not again yes, again here. Oh man has saved the day more times than any of us could count. You're such a loser, Billy! Shut up Marcus. All you brought today was your mom's jar, Billy that was an urn. Anyway, I'm proud to be hero man's number one fan. He takes me on all sorts of adventures like this. I'm sorry, are you suggesting hero man is real? Of course, he's really standing right over there. Hello, I'm hero man. What's the matter? Billy Mr Bucks would is comforted by the knowledge that I do not have a large sense of humor. Put that pickle down. Hello kiddies. It is I birthday party clown Extraordinaire Mr giggles. Let me introduce the box of mystery. Now, using this magic box of mystery, I am going to make somebody disappear. I am the great and powerful wizard kevin. If you seek to defeat the great dragon you must collect the seven crystals first murder case. Rookie, I can always tell How do I know? Your face is as green as the goblins will cut pixie dust for the dragons. Alright, let's see what we got. Mhm Look at that goper. That's not a racist term on part work. I can say that. Don't worry everyone, the swords are definitely not razor sharp so without further ado. Step into the box Matthew