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Animation Demo

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Voice Over • Animation


This demo doesn't show my complete range. Please feel free to message me for a customized audition.

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English (North American)


US General American (GenAm)


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My sister is part of this world. Art and music ceased to exist. Please help me resurrect them. Well, you don't know what she was getting into because I'm gonna take you down insolent, boy! Didn't you know this was a trap? Yes, tremble. For me. Your blood will only be more delicious. What were we supposed to get again? One must said we need. We're supposed to be on. And boy, do we flossing on? What was it? This is. That's it. Lady must laugh musically. Now, everybody. I got a little friend and his name is timmy. Come on. Just take one bite. Just one little bite. Let me see what's in the cards. Your future isn't very bright, Just like you. That would be a 3050. I just had to get it. Those cute little strawberries sewn in the hem. It's the perfect dress.