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Describing and explaining the product \"Z-Palette\"

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Z pallets are the best way to customize, organize and simplify your makeup routine. It features an open face, superstrong magnetic base with no inserts, wells or dividers, making it a truly universal palette. It's going to work with makeup of any size, shape or brand. You might be wondering if it has a universal magnetic base. Then why do I need these metal stickers? Well, some pans aren't metal and aren't going to stick to Z palette. That's fine. Just take one of the metal stickers, peel off the paper backing and attach it to the bottom of your pan. That's going to give you the strong magnetic bond that you are looking for. Z pallets also have a clear window so you can see everything inside. This will help you save time simply looking at your Z palette and knowing all your shades and products that are inside. No more opening compacts and taking off lids. The best thing about makeup you can see is that you will use it. The lid on the Z folds all the way back. This will save you a ton of space, whether you have cramped quarters or if you're a make up artist working out of your hand all day. It's very comfortable. Last but not least, Z palette was made out of layer upon layer of high quality 100% recyclable cardboard. We love Mother Nature here at Z palette, and we want everyone to take their part to go green. Once you get rid of that wasteful, excessive plastic packaging and depart into a Z palette, this guy can be recycled after its lived a happy life. Customize, organize and simplify with Z palette.