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North American, Trans-Atlantic, US New England (Boston, Providence)


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Hi, you must be here to sign up for the big fighting tournament. I mean, I don't want to assume anything. It's just you look like a fighter. Oh, it's just not to say you look aggressive. I just noticed you got a bunch of weapons and have an intense claire. I'm so sorry. That was super rude. Please don't hang back. Take a chill pill brother. I bear no ill will towards you human. I seek revenge for my fallen comrades. No more no less **** or get off the pot health boy. It's wicked cold out here and we ain't got all day chase. I'm missing the pats game for this garbage. Dad, thanks again for letting me sign up. I can't wait to try out my new powers and show everyone that I've got what it takes to be a real hero. Yeah, buddy, I'm excited for you. Uh if your mom were still with us, I just know she'd be so proud out of my way. Simpleton. You think you will win this tournament with affection and the power of love when this is all over, you will bow at my feet. For I am Krulak master of the elements come both my furious lightning, atmospheric energy are normally detected. Hey captain, it sounds like things are getting a little out of hand out there. I'm activating the security drones to try and triangulate the source of the issue. Captain, sir. Sorry, nerd. I'm taking care of the issue myself grenade out. I love the smell of thunder in the morning. Tell my wife, my one regret was getting struck by lightning.